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Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2010

Heineken, the Entrance

It’s the season to celebrate, so dust off your tuxedo and get ready to make your entrance in style. Heineken’s new film serves up some inspiration.

The Entrance, a 90-second cinematic masterpiece, kicks off Heineken’s latest global brand campaign. The film’s hero demonstrates the ultimate party entrance by charming his way past a gun-wielding oilman, a Russian canary, and a kung fu assassin, before getting his flute out on stage with the smoking-hot lead singer of the Asteroids Galaxy Tour; the Danish band’s latest single, The Golden Age, provides the sizzling backing track to the film.

The film was rehearsed and shot over a week in a palace near Barcelona, with more than 100 actors playing a part in the blockbuster. The Entrance execution includes 12 additional online teasers that reveal the secret back-stories of key characters in the film. They include Kung Fu Comeback, Heineken Duet and the classic, Big in Wonderland , featuring a couple of basketball players who take their training…

Strip Me Famous Part 3

Don’t miss the conclusion of the world’s most low-brow talent show

The reality talent show that reaches new depths of desperation draws to its tense conclusion as Crystal Peters goes head to head with ping-pong popping Tracy Winger. The air is thick with suspense (and dry ice) in this nail biting finish witnessed by an impassioned audience and our three expert judges. This mini-series of maximum bad taste is about to launch a new starlet into the public eye – make sure you’re there to catch the result.