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Mostrando entradas de 2010

Heineken, the Entrance

It’s the season to celebrate, so dust off your tuxedo and get ready to make your entrance in style. Heineken’s new film serves up some inspiration.

The Entrance, a 90-second cinematic masterpiece, kicks off Heineken’s latest global brand campaign. The film’s hero demonstrates the ultimate party entrance by charming his way past a gun-wielding oilman, a Russian canary, and a kung fu assassin, before getting his flute out on stage with the smoking-hot lead singer of the Asteroids Galaxy Tour; the Danish band’s latest single, The Golden Age, provides the sizzling backing track to the film.

The film was rehearsed and shot over a week in a palace near Barcelona, with more than 100 actors playing a part in the blockbuster. The Entrance execution includes 12 additional online teasers that reveal the secret back-stories of key characters in the film. They include Kung Fu Comeback, Heineken Duet and the classic, Big in Wonderland , featuring a couple of basketball players who take their training…

Strip Me Famous Part 3

Don’t miss the conclusion of the world’s most low-brow talent show

The reality talent show that reaches new depths of desperation draws to its tense conclusion as Crystal Peters goes head to head with ping-pong popping Tracy Winger. The air is thick with suspense (and dry ice) in this nail biting finish witnessed by an impassioned audience and our three expert judges. This mini-series of maximum bad taste is about to launch a new starlet into the public eye – make sure you’re there to catch the result.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders Interactive Free Running YouTube Game

Mattessons Fridge Raiders – the ideal snack fix for an active lifestyle. It’s high in protein and available in the quick-grab-food-on-the-go aisle in your local supermarket. Trust Your Primal Instinct. Make the next move.

Trust your Primal Instinct - Make the next move - As a free runner, getting from A-B is all about speed and creativity. So we let the viewer become the star of the video. Using interactive branching video technology you choose where our free runner goes and how he tackles each obstacle in his path. Combining first person viewpoints and instant feedback, the viewer feels like a member of the team.

Page 3 – the woman you’d love your woman to be like

Page 3 is celebrating 40 years in The Sun newspaper. To pay homage to this national institution that’s been spicing up your life since 1970, we got Page 3’s gorgeous Rosie to show you boys her charms. Get your free pack of Page 3 playing cards with The Sun – offer in-paper on Wednesday 17th November.

Parlons des femmes chez Orange

Delphine Ernotte directrice executive d'Orange France était présente à la 7ème édition du Women's Forum à Deauville et livre une interview au corner orange sur la place des femmes dans l'entreprise, l'équilibre vie professionnelle vie privée et l'évolution des pratiques managériales pour permettre aux femmes de concilier leurs univers, sans contrainte de choix.

Strip me famous

A satirical look at how far reality TV contestants will go in the pursuit of fame that will get pulses racing.

Take a look at how far the next generation of reality TV shows will have to go to trump X-Factor. Instead of hopeful singers auditioning using their vocal talents, we get to see a budding pole dancer as she attempts to strip her way to the 2010 final of Strip Me Famous. Being judged on the length of her Wookiee’s handbag and an umbrella being revealed from a rather unexpected region merely scratch the surface of what you can expect to find in this very funny first episode of Strip Me Famous, with two more episodes still to come.

Juega y gana £50,000 con Rollercoaster Extreme

Participa en Rollercoaster Extreme, la montaña rusa extrema de Barclaycard, con la oportunidad de ganar un iPad, un viaje a Las Vegas o £50,000*.

Barclaycard’s Rollercoaster Extreme es ahora mas emocionante. Además de la opción Multijugador y la nueva funcionalidad Carrera Fantasma, el juego esta disponible para descargar en iPad! Incluso puedes ganar un iPad, un viaje a Las Vegas o £50,000*!

Sólo tienes que descargar el juego Barclaycard’s Rollercoaster Extreme de forma gratuita, introducir tu puntuación más alta en Barclaycard Rollercoaster Facebook Leaderboard para ser ganador! Cada mes Barclaycard regala un iPad al jugador con la puntuación más alta durante ese mes. Los cuatro jugadores con la máxima puntuación de todos los tiempos viajaran a Las Vegas para competir en los Rollercoaster Extreme playoffs. Una vez en Las Vegas tendrán la oportunidad de ganar £ 50,000 en NYNY Hotel - el cual posee su propia montaña rusa.

Para recapitular las nuevas y previas características del juego:

Galaxy Tab Official HD Live Demo

This is the first official hands-on video that contains a demonstration of every key feature and benefit of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It also contains information of the most frequently asked features from social networking sites.

Most importantly, it highlights the value proposition of the Galaxy Tab: Advanced Media, Productivity and Communication, and On the Go.

This video doesn't contain any graphic effects